Family Portraits in Waco, TX | The Hoppes

There is nothing more profound to me than someone who has the ability to, though they do not know you, know everything about you. I have on more than one occasion happened upon Luci and been undone by her insight into the human heart. She is a woman who can hear the anthem of heaven over someone's life and sweetly speak such melodies into being. Brian is like me, from Chicago, and I have been dying to spend more time with these extraordinary people. Ana, their eldest daughter, is without a doubt one of the most passionate and well spoken children I have yet encountered. Luckily, she enjoys naming butterflies and doing curtseys just as much as I do, so we got on rather well. Lily Kate is a nugget and a half and perhaps has more nicknames than any other child on the planet. The Hoppes take pet names to shall we say, an Olympic level. Generally, the entire family ought to expect me to show up on their front door step for a playdate sooner rather than later. 
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