Cameron Park Zoo Family Portraits in Waco, TX | The Sniders

Life in all its fullness. This is what we are after on our good days. We dream that all the pieces of our lives will come together to create an image of a life well lived. But what if the pieces are only to be gained in some far off place - some place full of unknowns, abundant in turmoil, and lacking in the familiar comforts we hold so dear? Well, adventure you must and leave your comforts behind. For John and Jamie, this meant moving to Beirut, Lebanon, and leaving some of their comforts to me - namely a gorgeous set of velvet chairs and one slightly bland Ikea couch. Thank goodness they chose Lebanon. For three years they lived in the heart of the city and got to know the language, the culture, and most importantly the people that make up this extraordinary city. Jamie gave birth to her first child - Elise - within the city walls and it went, shall we say, not as planned. But all three triumphed and this piece of their story was born. Now we look to the next piece as John and Jamie are expecting their second child. What joy awaits with all her newness of a fresh life. To John and Jamie - I love how you say 'yes' to each new venture with a whole heart and that you consider not only a full life for yourselves, but even for strangers half a world away. 
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