Outdoor Family Portraits | The Walkers

There are many people that sail in and out of our lives as the years move on. Throughout my many seasons, the Walkers have been a family never far from the shores of my life. James and Adrianna are anchored people. As a young couple they lived in Sudan, before children and puppies and a home on 25th street. Adrianna is a delight to my heart because she knows what adventure looks like in a country not her own, but then she also knows what form adventure takes in the everyday. Her boys are quite fortunate to have such a woman as their mother. James captains his family with a kind, humble heart and so much silliness it is impossible to not want to be a part of his misfit crew. This is the second time I have documented the Walker family and I have to say that I love how these four live: abandoned, free, honest, and glistening with hope. Walkers, your lives make my life shinier. Shinier is my favorite. 
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