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Ary | Lion from the Low Countries

Austin, TX

6 13 2017Portraits
Ary David | In Hebrew, Ary (ahr-ē) means 'lion' and David means 'beloved'. Named after his grandfather and great-grandfather, this little lion is the newest addition to a long line of great men. He's a handsome bitty babe with portions of his ancestry coming from the...  FULL POST

Nola Gray All Day

Dallas, Texas | Dallas Arboretum

12 5 2016Portraits
Nola Gray's number one favorite game: running away while you chase her. The *perfect* game for a 96 degree Texas day. Not a single adult needed a cold wine immediately after or to stand by the restaurant fans shamelessly for a full 10 minutes. Ok, obviously, WE ALL DID....  FULL POST

Theta Semi Formal

Waco, Texas

12 4 2016Portraits
THETAS KNOW HOW TO PARTY. !!! Semi Formal party glory WAS reached and we were delighted to have our photobooth right in the middle of it. Enjoy some favorites from their event. Party on!  FULL POST

2016 Holiday Sessions - Open for Booking

Waco, Austin, + Dallas, TX

9 23 2016Portraits
Your kids are cute, heck YOU are darling, and well, we can't even talk about how good looking your dog is. Can't even. But catching all that cuteness in one image, with everyone's eyes open, and not a bit of breakfast on anyone's person, well...we know. It's a challenge. ...  FULL POST

Holiday Session Favorites

Waco, Texas

11 20 2015Portraits
One darling after another I tell you! All these itty bittys and almost growed ups are everything I adore. Whimsical, sassy, almost yet...but not quite and mostly teeth and limbs and tummies and freckles on freckles on freckles. Take a peek at some of my favorite images from...  FULL POST
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