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Spring Break 2005 - she was on vacation and little did she know the rest of her life was about to begin. Amber and Grafton met in the Bahamas over Spring Break in college. Dreamy, right? Now, eleven years later, they are getting married in early May in uptown Dallas. Grafton...  FULL POST

Karolyne + Chris Engaged

Waco, TX

6 15 2016Engagements
Snow in May? Hardly. But something like that... here in Texas the cottonwood trees bloom for about a week and if you catch those little darling fluffy seeds at the height of their decent on a sunny day - magic. Chris and Karolyne were completely lovely and trusted all my...  FULL POST

Alex + Cody Engaged

Waco, TX

3 11 2016Engagements
This session was MAYHEM. Wild dogs, dead birds, mother-in-laws, traipsing through fields...really it was all the things. All the best things. I adore these two and can not wait for their wedding this October.  FULL POST

Amanda + Kevin Engaged

Chicago, IL

12 10 2014Engagements
Not all stories are happy endings, in fact most stories are complicated, a tangled web of things hoped for and things unseen. So it was for Amanda. She fell in love at 18 and pursued a life with someone she thought loved her back. In the end he broke her down and put her...  FULL POST

Michael + Lauren Engaged

austin, texas

3 18 2014Engagements
Congratulations, Lauren and Michael!  FULL POST
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