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Emily's Bridals

Austin, TX

8 25 2014Bridals
How great is the pursuit of a groom for his bride. She, in capturing his heart, glows with the kind of light that seems it will never wane. Emily is a bride who was deeply pursued by her groom. Their engagement story is the perfect example, as Tony sent Emily on a scavenger...  FULL POST >>>

Bethany's Bridals

Austin, TX

8 19 2014Bridals
In the high heat of summer, wrapped delicately in white, she came as an oasis in the desert. Just as the end of a long summer welcomes the anticipation of a new season, so this one brought a feeling of the coming of new life. A garden that flourishes amidst the wilderness. A...  FULL POST >>>

Halyn's Bridals

Glen Rose, TX

7 28 2014Bridals
Multiple days have passed now, and yet the beauty of Halyn and Aaron's wedding ceremony continues to dwell richly in my heart. Every detail was thought out and perfectly placed. Though, in truth, nothing captivated more than the beauty, grace, and charm of the bride. Halyn's...  FULL POST >>>

Caitlin's Bridals

waco, texas

4 4 2014Bridals
The gorgeous Caitlyn wrapped up in a dress like a waterfall for her portraits in the garden. She has the kind of skin that would make even a baby jealous and reminds me of actresses of the 30s and 40s in her classic elegance and beauty. Congratulations Caitlyn!  FULL POST >>>

Erin's Bridals

Waco, TX

1 6 2014Bridals
Joy incarnate has never found so happy a home as in the heart of radiant Erin. Her fullness of life is undeniable and therein lies her deep beauty of form and character. Her marriage ceremony was so triumphant I sincerely wept with gladness during, at a bare minimum, the...  FULL POST >>>
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