April, 17, 2013Bridals

Leigh's Bridals

Waco, TX

Oh how the soul craves to be transparent in demeanor - that there no shadow of turning dwells within, no place of darkness, but only light wholly throughout. To possess a brilliance that makes its carrier luminous, always attractive, ever radiant, and the kind of good that when you approach it something within breathes deep as here you have found one that will champion you.  
Impossible to find this all in one heart, yes? Hardly. For I have seen it: Leigh possesses a soul such as this. It seems as if even her laughter causes everything around her to come more alive. How fitting then, that she is giving herself to loving and leading the youth in our fair city. She has much to give and our young generation will receive abundantly - a river of light and wholeness the glow of which will cast a most becoming light on each one that sits before it.  
Congratulations to this resplendent bride; I simply can not wait to share her touching wedding in the weeks to come. 

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