March, 21, 2013Engagements

Dustin + Libby Engaged

Austin, TX

How wonderful to know that one day, and it could be any day in all of your written days, is the day you are to meet your life long love? You wake up, dress, venture out into the day, and then suddenly, you've met. Of course the whole story is much more than that, but how sweet to know that tucked inside of one shy Wednesday or one cold, sunny morning, deep love is hidden and waiting. 
Libby met Dustin one fall day their junior year of college. Books, pencils, microscopes, petri dishes, and behold: him. Studying together turned to dating, dating to engagement, and this past Sunday, on the luckiest of days - ol' St. Patrick's day, these two darlings were married. Beneath fragrant wisteria, the first of spring, and with the sun dropping low and twinkling over distant waters they exchanged vows. Here now are images from that earlier time - in anticipation of the wedding. Enjoy!

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