January, 24, 2013Engagements

Meg + Sage Engaged

fort worth, texas

How is it that one day you are in college and life is all classes and functions and wondering what your life will be, when suddenly a decade has passed? And one who was woven in and out of those days, then into seasons here and there even across a vast many cities, is the same one that now looking back you see was the one meant to hem you in before and behind and onward into all your days. The mystery of the design of life is rather a delight when you finally can stand back and begin to view the image so many threads create.  
So it has been for Meg and Sage who have known and dated one another for over eleven years. Knit together early on, then pulled apart across the country, and now they move forward engaged. How sweet it will be to finally cross the threshold into a life where one blanket is all they'll need. Congratulations and well done to these lovely two!

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