July, 24, 2012Weddings

Tommy + McKenna Married

Houston, Texas

It was at McKenna's sister Katelin's wedding that we first met. At that time McKenna could often be heard proclaiming, "Single and ready to mingle!" in a most ardent way. She smiled and danced and quite unexpectedly caught the eye of a gentleman that very evening. This spring she married that man. McKenna, my dear, it can be seen that your charms are irresistible. :) I am so thrilled at your most happy marriage and even more at the crazy killer celebration your wedding was. Congratulations! 
Wedding Venue: The Parador 
Makeup/Hair: Your Beautiful Face 
Florist: Bergner and Johnson 
Band: Random Axis 
Event Coordinator: Mysti, Behind the Bash 
Catering: Behind the Bash 
Cake: Edible Designs by Jessie

McKenna is the youngest daughter of the Lossmans, so she and dad took time to celebrate together this most joyous day.

Tommy and McKenna chose to see one another privately before the ceremony.

Here now we get into some classic dance moves: The Microphone

Robot Arm

Booty Bop with a Couple of Maids

The Neck Snap

The Crotch Grab

The Lossman Ledge with a Couple of Hubs

The Drop

The Spin

The Grab Your Wife !!! These people know how to party. :)

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