January, 26, 2012Weddings

Owen + Alexa Married

Waco, Texas

The first time Owen met Alexa she was flanked by two other girls, Alexa and Alexa. Upon meeting one another, all three girls chimed, "We're Alexa". Ha! Now, while numbers are perhaps not for everyone, in my book whenever anything happens in a set of three, it is something to take note of. So long ago, perhaps Owen wasn't even thinking about marriage or of the one with whom he would spend all his days. But there in that college quadrangle, the meeting of the three Alexas would be the start of a most joyous journey. Oddly enough, it was thanks to weddings, weddings where each of their respective roommates kept marrying one another that Owen and Alexa spent more and more time together. Suddenly, there were only two single people of their houses left. I remember those hot summer nights, still in the afterglow of one of our most favorite things - "So You Think You Can Dance" - sitting on the couch with Alexa and our friend Allison just squealing at the prospect of it all. When?! Oh, WHEN will he ask her out? The waiting was agony, but in just the right time the heavens smiled and Owen had a dream and knew Alexa was the one written for him. Friendship became a relationship, then a most anticipated engagement, and now a partnership for all the years ahead. How sweet that life would write Owen and Alexa's own love story in between and quite nestled in to the pages of the stories being written for the people they adore most. Congratulations Owen and Alexa - I am so very happy for you both!

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