March, 1, 2012Engagements

Kyle + Cristina Engaged

Waco, Texas

"Baby Cheeses" "Blondie" "Mi Amor"...our session was full of sweet pet names and that gorgeous kind of Spanglish that is reminiscent of Modern Family and summers in Spain (that would be my bad Spanish. Ha!). Cristina and Kyle are the perfect blend of Texas and Spain - he's her Blondie and she's his senorita. Their worlds collided on the campus of UT. She tried to shoo his young heart away acknowledging the age difference between them and he would have none. none. of. it. None at all. For a year and half these two courted and then this man, this sweet, well-bred Texan met the woman he loved at her home in Madrid on New Year's Eve. Taking a knee he stole her heart - and her whole family's hearts - with his proposal. We joke because she did not say "yes". Nope. She said, "OF COURSE," and the whole house exploded in cheers, hugs, love, and felicidades. Kyle and Cristina, you have stolen my heart with how you love one another and I can not even wait to celebrate you both in May.

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