March, 14, 2012Engagements

Ben + Kelli Engaged

Waco, Texas

At the crucible gates is the last place anyone expects to fall in love. And yet for Ben and Kelli it was while living in a nation at war that their hearts grew close and this story was written. Within the walls of Fort Bragg these two met and for two months they had it all. Then deployment day came. Both were sent to Afghanistan and for six months each was asked to set their desires aside and serve our nation. In the days, weeks, and months while separated at different camps each waited and wondered. Perhaps I have found my one. Perhaps in the most unlikely of circumstances, during a time of great sacrifice, I have been given a great gift. 
Ben and Kelli made it through the fire of war and now look joyfully towards a wedding. Thank you Ben and Kelli for serving this country. Thank you for being courageous and selfless even in so complicated a conflict as this one with the Middle East. I am overjoyed at all your happy days ahead!

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