February, 14, 2018Weddings

Tina + Arvin Married

dallas, tx | joule hotel

Groom in a blue tuxedo about to kiss a bride
lace wedding dress and shoes
Bride in a robe
Bride putting on makeup
Bride being dressed by bridemaids
Bride in a lace dress
Friend admiring a bride
Excited bride
Bride looking in a mirror
Bride putting on shoes
Sexy Bride
Bride in a golden crown
Groom dressing and blue tuxedo
Groomsmen dressing a groom
Groom putting on blue tuxedo jacket
Portrait of a groom
Father of groom kisses groom
Bride and groom first look
Groom sees bride for first time
Excited bridesmaids
Bride and groom first look
Groom kisses elegant bride
Bride puts on veil
Bride in shadow
Ring bearer goes up aisle in remote control Ferrari
Bride walks up the aisle with father
Groom sees bride Persian Wedding
Persian Wedding
Wedding Ceremony at the Joule in Dallas, Texas
Laughing Bride and Groom in ceremony
Laughing bridesmaids
Groom puts ring on bride
Guest photographs Bride and Groom
Funny Bride and Groom
Bride and groom hold hands
Bride and Groom give special handshake
Bride and Groom first kiss
Laughing Wedding Guests
Bride and Groom exit
Bride and Groom on terrace
Bride and Groom look at new rings
Bride and Groom kiss in a window
Bride and Groom enter reception at Joule Hotel
Bride and Groom eat wedding cake
bride dances with father in law
Bride and Groom first dance
bride dances with father
Persian Groom dances with mother
Belly dancers at Persian wedding
Belly dancers at Persian wedding
Bride and groom dancing
Wedding guests dancing
Wedding guests dancing
Wedding guests dancing
Bride and Groom last dance
Bride and Groom last dance
Bride and Groom exit
Big diamond wedding rings
Tina and Arvin were married at the Joule Hotel on a hot summer day amidst the bustle of downtown Dallas in a stunning Persian wedding. Tina chose a dress that can only be described as "drop dead gorgeous". With a glass of champagne in her hand she let me know in no uncertain terms that the wedding cake was to be her first carbs in over 2 months. We both laughed #worthit .  
In a crown of golden leaves she greeted Arvin who did his very best to match his bride's style in his blue Tux, Rolex watch, and Louboutin shoes. Together, they made ME feel like I was at the Oscars.  
The way in which these two look at one another you feel as if they have known each other through many lifetimes and not just the one at present. The way their families surrounded them with love and celebration you wondered at your own unfortunate happenstance of not being born Persian, so inviting was their culture and lifestyle. 
Congratulations to these two souls - it was a complete joy to be a part of this incredible day!

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