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Fearless Photographer Awards | Rounds 38 + 39

waco, texas

Artistic photo of bride's dress with buttons in high contrast light
Giddy with delight over these last two rounds of Fearless Awards? Um, duh! Three of my photographs placed in Round 38 and one in Round 39. Seeing 4 photos all awarded for strengths in a variety of areas makes my heart so happy. Diversity within my vision, skill, and ultimately photos is a high priority while I work. To have a mix acknowledged just makes me want to high five my past self for engaging in each space and hard dab all my mentors along the way for how well they equipped me in this art. *DAB* 
Fine art type images like the above are what feels like my comfort zone. I am always searching and digging around at weddings looking for just such moments of light, shape, and contrast.  
The first photo below during the garter toss is all about the decisive moment. It feels amazing to have photos made in my hometown of Waco, TX competing on the world-wide stage and holding their own. That's what I love about moments - whether they are on the shores of a Greek Island or right in your backyard, a great moment is a great moment. They feel like an equalizer among photographs.  
The second photo below was also taken in Waco and make me particularly proud. Complex compositions are incredibly difficult to anticipate, wait for, and execute. A mix of knowledge, patience, and luck are needed for these and they feel like the unicorn of photography to me. Caught ya unicorn!  
Finally, an emotion-filled moment of a father seeing his only daughter as a bride for the first time. I mean, is there anything better than a doting father?! I am all about the spectrum of emotion on a wedding day and love that this capture was awarded. 
Congrats to all the winners and honorary mentions! This community keeps the bar so high for our work and it is an inspiration to work among so many talented artists.
Wedding Garter Toss
Groom hugging friends and bride hugging friends
Father seeing his daughter as a bride for the first time

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