March, 31, 2012Engagements

Hanj + Marybeth Engaged

Waco, Texas

The world can seem so small when we are young. You grow up in a city, the same city, for all your life. The world is an object, not a place, that spins on an axis on a bookcase in the library; its marked out nations a thing of fairy tales and imagination. Then one day you leave that singular city for someplace much larger and suddenly all the world is rushing at you. 
Marybeth moved to Dallas from Waco about 2 years ago. It was there she met a man named Alejandro, Hanj for short, and they went for coffee. He was not from Texas, in fact, and he was not even from the States. He speaks French, Spanish, English, comes from the mountains of Peru, and had a dream about Marybeth before he even met her. Dallas was where they met and also where she made plans to travel to Africa for over half a year. They had one month together before she flew 8,000 miles away to live in the bush for 7 months. Despite the distance, Hanj pursued Marybeth - she the true woman of his dreams. Their letters to one another crossed the ocean and as in the great novels their hearts were knit together with such ink and parchment. 
It was in the fall that Marybeth returned stateside and by Christmas she and Hanj were engaged. It is not just the fairy tale of the world that has been made known and tangible to these two, but their own story of travel, romance, and great love.

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