May, 16, 2012Engagements

Glen + Kat Engaged

Waco, Texas

We walk down the street side by side. Hot and crowded, this place does not allow the simple luxury of holding hands for this country and these people are not our own. But in our hearts they are and so we adopt their customs and let affection fill the space between. The space grew less and less until suddenly one day distance came crashing in and time in its way took hold of our hands and lead us away from one another until we'd meet again in a familiar place thousands of miles away. 
This is Kat and Glen's story. It is one of the world and her joys and sorrows. Across the ocean in a small city in Thailand Kat and Glen began dating. The culture of the city in which they lived did not permit even hand-holding among the unmarried and so these two learned to navigate a relationship that is filled with space. It was on the eve of deciding to go beyond the city walls to spend more time together that Kat and Glen were struck on their motorcycle by a drunk driver. His leg was broken badly in two places and both of their emotions were shattered in the accident. Glen's leg had not yet mended when Kat left that place for Germany. Upon Glen's recovery, he returned stateside and 4 months passed before either saw the other. Fall brought their reunion in the mighty state of Texas and the two moved in down the street from one another. They had a winter of nearness and Glen pondered his affections in this proximity. It was a year from that Christmas before Glen proposed. He painted a promise of his love for her on a great wall and vowed distance would never again pulls their palms apart.

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