June, 22, 2015Bridals

Megan's Bridals

Bridal portrait with sunset rays lighting the bride.
Quiet and lovely in her way, Megan shies away from the spotlight. Nevertheless, she radiates elegance and beauty and the camera loves her. In a unique gown on a evening that could not have been more perfect, we made these images in the fading evening light of a spring garden. Congratulations on your marriage, Megan, we can't wait to share the images from your wedding day.
Bridal portrait with brides shadow in background.
Bridal portrait standing in front of tall tree, bride holding skirt.
Bridal portrait close up of her smiling.
Bridal portrait surrounded by spring foliage.
Black and white bridal portrait close up.
Black and white bridal portrait detailing her accessories.
Bridal portrait standing in profile.
Bridal portrait surrounded by foliage bride has a halo of light.
Bridal portrait high contrast lighting.
Black and white bridal portrait standing in front of large tree.
Bridal portrait.

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