December, 10, 2014Engagements

Amanda + Kevin Engaged

Chicago, IL

Not all stories are happy endings, in fact most stories are complicated, a tangled web of things hoped for and things unseen.  
So it was for Amanda. She fell in love at 18 and pursued a life with someone she thought loved her back. In the end he broke her down and put her in the hospital. In the wake of those days, Kevin saw Amanda. He saw her exactly as she was and he chose her.  
In those days, Amanda had cut all her hair off, as one tends to do when life hits the reset button. Lucky for her, she embodied a sort of Audrey Hepburn look that could not be hidden even in an oversize sweatshirt and old jeans. Kevin noticed her one fall afternoon in their shared class at University of Illinois. Her quiet hermit-crab like tendencies were exactly the challenge he was looking for. Slowly, they got to know one another. He drew her out of her shell. She followed him to Michigan as he pursued a masters degree, and they fell into the deep, quiet love that wraps people up, and binds them for life.  
There is no better story than that of restoration, especially of one's heart. I am forever grateful that Kevin is the one who scooped Amanda up and now has chosen to care for her all her days. 
Love you two. xoxo 

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