July, 28, 2014Bridals

Halyn's Bridals

Glen Rose, TX

Multiple days have passed now, and yet the beauty of Halyn and Aaron's wedding ceremony continues to dwell richly in my heart. Every detail was thought out and perfectly placed. Though, in truth, nothing captivated more than the beauty, grace, and charm of the bride. Halyn's presence is like water - able to calm the soul while carrying mystery and strength at the same time. She and her family are Jewish and I treasure the customs they have shared with me. 
In Jewish tradition, the betrothed take part in a cup of wine during the wedding ceremony as the Rabbi prays a blessing over them. As they share the cup, the bride and groom undertake the sharing of all that the future may bring. The Rabbi at Aaron and Halyn's wedding spoke over them as they drank from the cup, "All the goodness life has for you both will be sweeter because you drink it together." 
This cup, symbolic of the cup of life, has kissed with promise the lips of four generations of Halyn's household. A gift passed down, Halyn steps into matrimony with the favor and love that have preceded her. Halyn, we wish you all the best as you begin your marrige with Aaron. May life's joys be doubled and its bitterness sweetened because you share it with each other. Cheers! 
Gown by Spanish designers Yolan Cris 
Bridal boutique Musette Bridal located in Boston, MA 
Stunning florals by the very talented fete de fleurs in Dallas, TX 
Images taken at the ever lovely and rustic Rough Creek Lodge in Glen Rose, TX

Story by Sara Gilmore & Kathryn Krueger

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