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Haiti Transformed: Beyond the Rubble

I had the privilege and honor of spending a week in Haiti in May, partnering with Haiti Transformed to help tell some of the most extraordinary stories I know. They're stories of people overcoming, hoping against hope, scaling mountains and braving the wilderness in pursuit of a better tomorrow - not only for themselves, but for Haiti and its people. 
I was so challenged and encouraged by these people and their passion for seeing their nation be rebuilt into something beautiful. 
Since January 2010, Haiti has been known for the earthquake that left a wake of destruction - but there's a Kreyol phrase my friends in Haiti use, "Lavi ap grandi" - it means, "Life is growing."  
Through these photos, I get to help share their stories of life growing with you. They are the tales of courageous individuals who have chosen to believe that there is, in fact, life beyond the rubble. They're ordinary people who live simple, yet extraordinary lives, believing in and fighting for a Haiti that can thrive beyond the wreckage of what happened in 2010. 
There is beauty to be found even in the darkest, messiest places of our lives, but there is always a seed of hope we can choose to plant that will reap a harvest of joy later. I'm reminded of this truth every time I look back through these photos from my time in Haiti. 
I hope you'll follow along with these stories as a new one goes live every Tuesday. These are some of the most beautiful people I've ever gotten to meet, and I am so honored to have gotten to capture pieces of their incredible lives! 
Read the collection of stories we're calling Beyond the Rubble, and sign up to follow along with all the rest! When you do, you get a really great free downloadable "Life is Growing" print! 
For a little taste, here's part of last week's story about Jonas, The Coach. He's a catalyst of change in his community, training up the next generation of Haiti in both soccer and life. He is a literal giver of life, as he has planted over 500 mango trees for families in his community. 
"Jonas is constantly finding ways to move things forward in developing communities and sets the kids he coaches up to go immeasurably farther than he has or will. Like all of us, he's seen plenty of adversity in his life, but he chooses to find the little bit of light that breaks through darkness - knowing that no matter how small the flame, against the darkness, light will always win. 
There is life to be found in the midst of death and destruction, and just like those mango seeds Jonas planted, in every circumstance, God continues to bring to life the seed he planted in Jonas's heart as a young person. As he responds to the opportunities God puts before him, that seed is in turn feeding others and causing life to grow in new places." 

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