August, 28, 2012Engagements

Kyle + Abby Engaged

Waco, Texas

Rapt in winter so far from here, I used to wake in the early morning after a heavy snow to see the earth cloaked in a robe of white. Sometimes, while the sun still kept her bed, predawn's light would paint all she touched a rich and brilliant blue that made it appear as if you were in the belly of a great ocean. The quiet there is so deep one could drown in it. And yet the energy of morning's first light and the great awakening of all things in a new day hovering just outside my reach would grab hold of my heart, instilling hope at the day to come. The peace and purity of it all would create in me a longing. Oh that I could carry this with me always! This rest, this mystery, this pure and great hope. 
When I am with Kyle and Abby, it is as if I have stepped into those days and that place of rest and purity. Their youth is undeniable and their delight in one another palpable; yet more than this there is something of another age and time that surrounds how they love one another. They instill in me a great hope. Surely love was meant to be pure, to serve, honor, protect, delight, and make two better than one. This is how Abby and Kyle love one another and I am certain with the dawn of their marriage will come a great light that awakens and stirs the hearts of many.

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