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Patrick + Megan | A New York Session

new york, new york

12 16 2012Family
NEW YORK, NEW YORK! It was everything I had hoped it would be on my first visit this past summer. I know, I know, HOW could it have been my first time to New York? I DON'T KNOW MOM AND DAD, you tell me why I was so sheltered. :) Thank goodness for Patrick and Megan who...  FULL POST

The McLaughlin Family Portraits

Dallas, Texas

3 20 2012Family
Sometimes in the midst of unexpected change and a complete shift in one's life, there is amidst it all a perfect surprise that seemingly comes out of the blue. Beckett was just that surprise for the McLaughlin family. It was just one week after dropping their entire life in...  FULL POST

Karenna | Baylor Graduation Portraits

Waco, Texas

4 10 2010Family
Karenna is a senior at Baylor. She is so full of energy and excitement and gratitude. As the first member of her family to go to college, her attitude about being in school refreshed me and warmed my heart. Everyone in her family chipped in to get her a class ring and the...  FULL POST

Sarah | Baylor Graduation Portraits

waco, texas

3 4 2010Family
Sarah made me a believer. This lovely girl requested that we take photos at all of the "cliche" areas in Waco. I of course obliged, with the stated condition that after we did all that we'd go to some hole or dumpster or something and create awesome in a new place....  FULL POST
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