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Matthew + Maggie Engaged

Ft. Worth, TX

12 7 2012Engagements
Congratulations to Maggie and Matthew!  FULL POST

Jimmy + Beth Engaged

St. Louis, Missouri

11 19 2012Engagements
Meet me in St. Louis!  FULL POST

Brock + Whitney Engaged

Waco, Texas

9 29 2012Engagements
Congrats Brock and Whitney!  FULL POST

Kyle + Abby Engaged

Waco, Texas

8 28 2012Engagements
Rapt in winter so far from here, I used to wake in the early morning after a heavy snow to see the earth cloaked in a robe of white. Sometimes, while the sun still kept her bed, predawn's light would paint all she touched a rich and brilliant blue that made it appear as if...  FULL POST

Jordan + Priscilla Engaged

Austin, Texas

7 20 2012Engagements
Congrats Jordan and Priscilla!  FULL POST
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