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Mark + Caitlyn Engaged

Waco, Texas

7 19 2013Engagements
Congratulations Mark and Caitlyn!!!  FULL POST

Philip + Sydney Engaged

Dallas, TX

4 12 2013Engagements
Perhaps there is not an old saying that goes "weddings beget weddings" and yet there ought to be, for we have seen it time and again. Two people make their way to celebrate the union of a pair of most beloved friends only to there in that place encounter a beloved of their...  FULL POST

Justin + Jennifer Engaged

Waco, TX

4 7 2013Engagements
Justin and Jenn are engaged!  FULL POST

Dustin + Libby Engaged

Austin, TX

3 21 2013Engagements
How wonderful to know that one day, and it could be any day in all of your written days, is the day you are to meet your life long love? You wake up, dress, venture out into the day, and then suddenly, you've met. Of course the whole story is much more than that, but how...  FULL POST

Meg + Sage Engaged

fort worth, texas

1 24 2013Engagements
How is it that one day you are in college and life is all classes and functions and wondering what your life will be, when suddenly a decade has passed? And one who was woven in and out of those days, then into seasons here and there even across a vast many cities, is the...  FULL POST
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