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Megan's Bridals

6 22 2015Bridals
Quiet and lovely in her way, Megan shies away from the spotlight. Nevertheless, she radiates elegance and beauty and the camera loves her. In a unique gown on a evening that could not have been more perfect, we made these images in the fading evening light of a spring...  FULL POST

Allison's Bridals

Waco, Texas

5 10 2015Bridals
Congratulations to the gorgeous Allison on her recent marriage. Her kindness, poise, and timeless beauty are even more faceted and brilliant than the stained glass at this stunning location. Armstrong Browning Library is one of Waco's gems - a perfect backdrop for classic...  FULL POST

Meredith's Bridals

Waco, TX

12 10 2014Bridals
She always knew there was something special about the boy she met her very first week at Baylor. What she couldn't have known back then, was on a beautiful day in October, the two would join hands, look deep into one another's eyes, and promise each other forever. Calm...  FULL POST
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