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Giddy with delight over these last two rounds of Fearless Awards? Um, duh! Three of my photographs placed in Round 38 and one in Round 39. Seeing 4 photos all awarded for strengths in a variety of areas makes my heart so happy. Diversity within my vision, skill, and...  FULL POST

Christmas 1994 | A Portrait of Disaster

Lake Forest, illinois

9 30 2017Personal
A BEHIND-THE-SCENES STORY ON MY PERSONAL CONNECTION TO HOLIDAY PHOTOS The fateful tale of how this 1994 Christmas picture came to fruition begins with a sassy, tender-headed ten-year-old whose hair is baby fine and was suddenly turning curly. Read: becoming a rat's nest...  FULL POST

Tina + Arvin Engaged

Dallas, Texas

8 24 2017Engagements
From the moment Tina and Arvin turned to one another that spring day in the garden, I was pulled down into deep waters. Photographing them together was to witness what everyone is looking for - connection. They only met three years ago, and yet their history together feels...  FULL POST

Jose + Maria Married

san miguel de allende, mexico

8 14 2017Weddings
There are weddings...and then there are weddings in Mexico. Jose married Maria at a ranch that is over a century old and the entire soiree was planned by his gorgeous mother, Guadalupe, who is queen of wedding planning in San Miguel de Allende. It was my great honor to...  FULL POST

Ary | Lion from the Low Countries

Austin, TX

6 13 2017Family
Ary David | In Hebrew, Ary (ahr-ē) means 'lion' and David means 'beloved'. Named after his grandfather and great-grandfather, this little lion is the newest addition to a long line of great men. He's a handsome bitty babe with portions of his ancestry coming from the...  FULL POST
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